Narrated by Gregory D. Salinas & Lacy Laurel.

Book 1:

A commanding military man Maximus Aurelius Moore covertly indulges his demanding sexual nature while secretly controlling a complex business life as a venture capitalist and heir to an Italian fortune. When he discovers a stunning dancer in Las Vegas, the enigmatic reserved man is shocked by his physical response to Seary, the star of Been Jammin'. Being an alpha male who makes things happen, he executes a plan for a long-term relationship with the untouchable diva to become his exclusive lover.

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MOORE-NESS by Cindee Bartholomew

Narrated by Gregory D. Salinas & Lacy Laurel.

"WOW! Another breathtaking story from Ms. Bartholomew!! These characters are so endearing and wonderfully complex" - Amazon reviewer

"This is such a great book - sexy, erotic, and enticing - with drama, a little suspense, and a whole lot of red hot chemistry!"

Book 2:

When an obsessive Aurei Moore discovers the untouchable Vegas star Siri (Seary) Wright in Alabama on his turf, he recognizes a unique opportunity to make the dancing diva his lover on his terms, but he knows he must keep his identity secret or risk being labeled a stalker.

After the isolated high value entertainer Siri Wright encounters a beautiful Golden God, she is shocked by the chemistry that sparks between them and sets about learning more about Mr. Moore. Discovering the depth of love and kindness the flirty, feisty, free-spirit stripper possesses, Aurei changes his plans. Now he wants to woo her and win her heart, but resisting Siri’s sexiness proves to be difficult and he must draw upon his military discipline to deny her teasing. When Siri accepts a date with another man, Aurei realizes that going too slow with a woman as headstrong and confident as Siri is a mistake. He runs the risk of losing the one woman who may complete him and the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair.

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