Today marks my Five Year Pubversary!  Woohoo!


Today marks my Five Year Pubversary! Woohoo!

Mark Twain — “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

My first novel was titled, Siri’s Heart, and it published on October 17, 2014. When I pushed the publish button, I was nervous, scared, and determined. Writing had never been on my radar except as a bucket list item. But as my story developed, and I came to love my characters, I quickly realized I had found my passion. I had always been a storyteller and avid reader, but I totally sucked balls at grammar. Too many commas and too many run-on sentences made writing a novel feel too intimidating. But with technology and a marvelous editor on board, Siri’s Heart became an Amazon Bestseller and went on to become a romance series.

It’s been a crazy five-year journey. I took the first book, Siri’s Heart, retitled it, Untouchable, then add Unstoppable, Undone, backed up to write Undeniable, and finished it with the finale, Unforgettable. Once the series ended, it needed heavy editing for the flow of the story, so I broke down those five epic novels into twelve less intimidating sized books with new titles and new covers, and made the whole series cohesive. Next, I shifted gears and edited the erotic series into a steamy version, without all the “dirty” words, so my sweet mother would be able to brag to her friends that her daughter (Cindee Bartholomew) was an Amazon Bestselling Author. In the meantime, I wrote Donut Dilemma; I Hope You Dance; Zane, A Scrooged Christmas; Sam, I Am; Flynn, Twisted Together; and on October 2nd, I released, Falling For His Badass.

This summer I asked my Diva Den what I should write next. They responded with another Siri and Aurei story. My heart sang with happiness that they loved my ‘kids’ enough to want a thirteenth book. In preparation for Siri’s Saga becoming a serial series, I again retitled the series, Siri’s Heart, as well as, all the books; Finding Her, Meeting Her, Deceiving Her, Denying Her, Choosing Her, Saving Her, Doubting Her, Taming Her, Claiming Her, Losing Her, and The End of Her. Along with new covers, that I absofuckinglutely love. They are fresh and crisp.

To all you wonderful readers who read the very first book, and to all you equally wonderful readers who have joined the journey somewhere along its confusing path, I hope you will continue reading the torrid love affair of Siri Wright and Maximus Aurelius Moore with the next book, Capturing Her.

What can you expect in Capturing Her? ONE HELL OF A THRILLER! This book is going to blow you away! Who will be in Capturing Her? All the characters you love from the original series, plus all the characters from my other books. Yup. You’re going to see Dirk and Piper Sam, Justin Davis and Farrah Ford, Zane and Laura Lockhardt with Batman, Nikolai (Nik) Smirnov and Victoria (Vicki) Powell, and Badass Brody Andrews. Plus, two new characters, Gabriel Webber and Marie Daniels. I can’t fucking wait! Can you?

Capturing Her is available for pre-order now on all platforms. Don’t worry that the publication date is so far in advance, I will release it as soon as it’s ready. But this one I am taking my sweet time writing and getting it right!

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His eyes bore into your soul asking if you have secrets.


His eyes bore into your soul asking if you have secrets.

Falling For HIs Badass.

Lizzy has terrible luck with men.

It's not that she doesn't attract good guys, she does. It's that she settles for "decent" ones.

Tired of making the wrong choices when it comes to men, Lizzy trusts her best friend, Tara, to take her away for the weekend. Lizzy knows that if she wants an all-consuming love, she's going to have to take a bigger risk to attract a different type of man.

But this road trip will yield dangerous results. Her panic button will be pushed, and before the first night is over, she will be Falling For His Badass.



My hubby. SMH

The setup:

My hubby is sitting in the office next to mine and texting a client. He’s reading each text received out loud to me and then reading his text response.

*Roll my eyes. I really could care less.

Hubs: “What does a. o. stand for?”

Me: “What?”

Hubs: “What does a. o. stand for? His text reads ’I’m a o.’”

Me: *frowning. “Let me see.” I get up and go in there. He holds his phone out. LOL No shit. The text is lmao. Me trying not to laugh in his face, bc you know, he’s sensitive to being ignorant, but I can’t help snickering a little when I tell him. “That’s Laugh My Ass Off.”

Hubs: “Oh! I didn’t know that. I thought it was an I, not an L.”

Me: “If you throw an F in the middle, it’s Laugh My Fucking Ass Off.”

Hubs: I know what you just did there.

Me: *Unable to control it any longer. L’sMFAO.



Falling For His Badass is LIVE!

Hey Everyone!

I'm celebrating the release of my new book baby, Falling For His Badass. It’s an insta-love romance that gives you all the feels. My goal with every book I write is to make you laugh out loud at least once, and to give you more than one happy ending. ;)  Falling For His Badass does that.

Within 48 hours on Amazon, Falling For His Badass received the Amazon Orange Flag Award, climbing up to #17 under Military Romance and topping Erotic Suspense and also Humorous Erotica at #1.

Hell Yeah, I did a happy dance! 💃 Then I teared up and cried. It’s humbling thinking about the number of readers who choose to step into your fantasy, giving you their precious time. THANK YOU!

I wrote Falling for His Badass for all the women who have fallen in love with badass men. I'm one of 'em. ;) I dedicated this story to my husband, my soulmate, my Badass. He proves to me every day that being badass doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a soft spot for me, and that one woman is enough if she is the right woman. We’ve been together for 41 years and married 38. He’s my hero. Truly.