Twisted together

My name is Rapunzel, but I prefer Zella.
And yes, I have very long, blonde hair.
But no, it's not magical.
At least, not in the magical fairytale kind of way.
Any magic my tresses hold is dark magic.
Case in point, in walks Flynn.
The most beautiful man I've ever seen.
He's also the most arrogant jackass of all time!
How can I hate him so much, but crave his touch too?
He's my boss's brother and stepson of 'The Wicked Queen'.
He should be off limits.
I don't want to get tangled in his trap.
But he's stolen my heart.
He wants to be twisted together between the sheets.
But I don't want the fake fairytale romance.
I want the happily ever after love.
I don't know how I am going to resist him.
He’s my fiancé.
My name is Flynn.
And I've gotten all tangled up over Zella.
She’s the most exquisite woman I’ve ever seen.
I rescued her from the darkness.
But I'm no Prince Charming. Not by a long shot.
I’m an arrogant jackass.
Just ask her. She’ll tell you. She hates me.
That’s why I tricked her into being my fiancée.
She’s thinks it’s all fake. But it’s not.
She belongs with me.
She deserves the happily ever after.
How am I going to make her believe my love for her is real?

Romance Series


From the very first page, Aurei's thunderous journey to unlock Siri's Heart is a wild ride full of twists and turns you won't see coming, laugh out loud humor and steamy love scenes along their path to forevermore. 

This serial romance series is written like a soap opera. 

When one book ends, the next one begins. 

1 Never-Moore Ebook cover.jpg


At no future time; never again.

Book 1:

A commanding military man Maximus Aurelius Moore covertly indulges his demanding sexual nature while secretly controlling a complex business life as a venture capitalist and heir to an Italian fortune. When he discovers a stunning dancer in Las Vegas, the enigmatic reserved man is shocked by his physical response to Seary, the star of Been Jammin'. Being an alpha male who makes things happen, he executes a plan for a long-term relationship with the untouchable diva to become his exclusive lover.

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2 Moore-Ness.jpg


The quality or

state of being Moore

Book 2:

When an obsessive Aurei Moore discovers the untouchable Vegas star Siri (Seary) Wright in Alabama on his turf, he recognizes a unique opportunity to make the dancing diva his lover on his terms, but he knows he must keep his identity secret or risk being labeled a stalker.

After the isolated high value entertainer Siri Wright encounters a beautiful Golden God, she is shocked by the chemistry that sparks between them and sets about learning more about Mr. Moore. Discovering the depth of love and kindness the flirty, feisty, free-spirit stripper possesses, Aurei changes his plans. Now he wants to woo her and win her heart, but resisting Siri’s sexiness proves to be difficult and he must draw upon his military discipline to deny her teasing. When Siri accepts a date with another man, Aurei realizes that going too slow with a woman as headstrong and confident as Siri is a mistake. He runs the risk of losing the one woman who may complete him and the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair.

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3 Moore-Over.jpg


In addition to what has been said.

Book 3:

Curious to discover more about the mysterious man of her dreams, Siri goes to Aurei’s farm to spend the day, then joins him on a date to his stomping ground, The Stallion. Hanging out with his friends, she discovers Aurei keeps secrets from everyone, and she is not the only woman who has set her sights on seducing him.

When the possessive blue-eyed bitch Ruthless confronts the couple, Siri feels for the first time the green-eyed monster of jealousy rear its ugly head. The confident diva stakes her claim to her man, ensuring everyone knows who he belongs to.

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4 Moore-Often.jpg

Moore-Often: Happening more than half the time.

Book 4:

Undaunted by the admission of having dark secrets by the beautiful, Aurelius Moore, Siri Wright’s desire for the Golden God still dominates her every waking thought. When Siri receives a death threat, Aurei’s demanding and commanding nature to always be in control returns, and he proposes a new arrangement. He whisks her away to his home in Italy, confident he can keep her safe from harm there.

In Rome, Siri finds herself deep in the mysterious life style of Maximus Aurelius Moore and is determined to learn his dark secrets, while exploring her own dark desires.

Knowing his confession may drive her away, he hesitates. Wrestling with his inner demons, Aurei must come face to face with the harsh reality of the man he was. Will Siri accept him as he is, or will she reject him and end the torrid affair?

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In addition to what precedes.

Book 5:

The young couple continues their fiercely passionate affair, but the paparazzi have discovered them. Fearing again for Siri’s safety, Aurei takes charge and whisks Siri away from the camera’s taking her deeper into his Italian family fold. When Siri meets Mia, the Vice President of Moore Enterprises, she is forced to confront the angry woman. Fearful of having been replaced as Aurei’s confidant, Mia sets a trap to destroy her and drive her away. Forcing Siri to make the most important decision of her life. Stay with the man she loves and risk making him sacrifice everything he has built, or sacrifice herself for him and leave the man she loves, ensuring his reputation and family fortune remains respected.

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6 Forever-Moore.jpg


For a limitless time; at all time

Book 6:

When the dancing diva, Siri Wright, first encountered the driven and dazzling young entrepreneur Aurelius Moore in Alabama, a sensual love affair was sparked that would change both of their lives forevermore.

Back in Vegas, Siri and Aurei have it all, passion, intimacy, and love with a world of possibilities for their future. They both know that their complex lives will not be easy and that being together will pose challenges that neither of them will anticipate, but that love conquers all and they will make their beautiful thang work.

Just when it seems that they have settled into their new normal, misfortune falls to make Aurei's deepest fear turn into reality. Siri vanishes ... again. But this time no one knows where she is.

(Free with Kindle Unlimited)