Donut Dilemma Book Cover.jpg

*Feather, you are very fly.*
I frown at my phone. Feather? *Wrong number. Try again.*

When college graduate, Farrah Ford, takes a summer job at Do Donuts, she is pretty sure she has encountered the love of her life. The problem is she isn’t sure who he is.

*You're in my contacts.*
*I'm not in your contacts.*
*Yes, you are.*
*Well, maybe my digits are, but this is not Feather's phone.*
*Yes, it is.*
*No, it isn't. My name isn't Feather.*
*I know your real name isn't Feather, but you gave me your number.* Oh my god, Tuesday? Did I give a complete stranger my digits?

The Doctor's handsome face appears, and I hear his words again. 'We met at the bar Tuesday night' and then 'I'd hate to think I was so easily forgotten' as his sexy smile played along his lips. What if I did?

Or is he Justin? I know I gave him my number on my application.

Her donut dilemma? Which one is she secretly sexting? Frosted Stripes or Celebration Sprinkles?


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