Am I really hardcore?

You bet your ass I am.

I'm a cocky son of a bitch whose name women call begging for ... Moore.

But I only take them, then shake them.

Until Her!

She changes everything!

Military Officer Maximus Aurelius Moore lives an isolated life full of secrets. Hiding his success as a millionaire venture capitalist, he is forced to forego the dating game, thus earning him the call name Hard-Core.

Believing himself incapable of feeling the depth of love other men feel for one single woman, Hard-Core satisfies his voracious sexual appetite covertly taking his pleasure as a photographer seducing models. Taking them, then shaking them, because once is always enough.

But is he really incapable of feeling a love so deep that he would want only one woman for a lifetime?

Or, is his hardcore persona just another secret he hides behind?

* * *

When Aurei Moore sees the stunning but unattainable Las Vegas headlining star of the premier gentlemen's club he has been sent to scout, the enigmatic man is shocked by his physical response to the dancer. A depth of lust so deep he knows that once with her will not be enough, he becomes obsessed with having her, and he sets about a bold plan of action to make the dancing diva his exclusive lover.

Will he succeed? Or will the untouchable star be the first woman he cannot have?


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