A private rescue and recovery company made up of an elite group of mercenaries who are former military and first responders dedicated to serving those in need of their special skills.

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A is for Alpha

The world is a dangerous place and no one is safe, especially a beautiful woman who is carjacked by a gang of thugs involved in human trafficking.

My name is Bethany Cox and I am in trouble. Big trouble! Deep shit kinda of trouble. The kind of trouble that gets you killed or worse sold into slavery. Just when my time is running out to be rescued and all hope is fading fast, a hero finds me. When he busts down the door, the look in his eyes both terrifies me and sets me on fire! I may have been robbed by a gang of thieves, but this hero stole my heart. How am I ever going to convince Aden Meyers he is more than my rescuer? He is my soulmate.

My name is Aden Meyers. I’m the team leader of Heroes For Hire, the Alpha. My job is be cold, hard, calculating and commanding to rescue the woman taken. But when I busted down the door, the look on her face lit a fire inside me that won’t go out. I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t be taking advantage of her. It’s wrong! It’s not real. She’s suffering from hero worship. But she’s gotten under my skin and I can’t turn my back on her.


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