I Hope You Dance DILF book cover.jpg

Fate is a fickle fellow

At twenty-seven, Vicki had it all. She was a successful Broadway dancer, living the dream in the Big Apple. But when her mother became terminally ill, Vicki left it all behind to go home to cherish the woman who sacrificed everything for her to live her dream. Upon her death, Vicki promised her mother she would dance again, but her heart no longer desired fame and fortune. Now she merely wants to open a dance studio to share her passion with little princesses.

When Nik was thirty-eight, he had it all. A loving wife, a beautiful daughter, and a successful career as an MMA fighter. Two years later, he is a widower with a traumatized princess, and a gym to run. Still haunted by his wife’s last word of encouragement "Dance," Nik tries to ease his pain by renovating the dance studio next to his gym.
When Vicki dances into Nik’s life, is fate finding a way to fix their misfortunes?


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