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Donut Dilemma Book Cover.jpg

Donut Dilemma


Donut Dilemma

When college graduate, Farrah Ford, takes a summer job at Do Donuts,

she is pretty sure she has encountered the love of her life.

The problem is she isn’t sure who he is.


Cade, a doctor in his 40’s, comes in every day and orders 4 donuts,

frosted and striped, with an iced vanilla latte.

Always alone, he sits staring at his phone until Farrah falls at his feet.

#Dominant describes the sophisticated hottie. 


Justin, the owner’s son, 26 and fresh from the military,

enters the bakery pre-dawn, ties on an apron,

rolls up his sleeves, and turns on more than the fryers.

He likes his donuts caked in sprinkles and dunked in milk.

The way he eats them gives Do Donuts a whole other meaning.

#Delicious describes the sensual stud. 

*Feather, you are very fly.*
I frown at my phone. Feather? *Wrong number. Try again.*
*You're in my contacts.*
*I'm not in your contacts.*
*Yes, you are.*
*Well, maybe my digits are, but this is not Feather's phone.*
*Yes, it is.*
*No, it isn't. My name isn't Feather.*
*I know your real name isn't Feather, but you gave me your number.*

Oh my god, Tuesday? Did I give a complete stranger my digits?

The Doctor's handsome face appears, and I hear his words again.

'We met at the bar Tuesday night' and then 'I'd hate to think I was so easily forgotten'

as his sexy smile played along his lips. What if I did?

Or is he Justin? I know I gave him my number on my application.

Her donut dilemma? Which one is she secretly sexting? 

Frosted Stripes or Celebration Sprinkles?




Piper Wilson:

The first American I met walked into my life at eighteen years old, made me fall hopelessly in love with him, then vanished without a trace. No text or phone call. No Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Nothing. That was 6 years ago. 

I tried to erase his Sexy Ass Manhood out of my mind, but my mind compares every man to him. I tried to fill the emptiness in my heart too, but my heart rejects them all.

But it’s time to face reality. Dirk Sam is never coming back and even if he did, he can't save me from my fate. It's time to marry another man. 


Dirk Sam:

The first time I arrived in London, my original mission was to correct a wrong, to identify what was mine and to change my life. 

The original mission? Make contact with my father. 

Mission accomplished.

The second time I arrive in London, I’m on a similar mission. This time I have to right a wrong. This time I have to lay claim to what’s mine. This time the stakes are much higher. This time the mission must change my life.

The mission? Piper Wilson.