When I arrive in Vegas, my intentions are only to scout out the stripper at Been Jammin'

but when Seary bounces onto the stage …

Wow! She is simply stunning!Watching her teasing a birthday boy tied to a chair giving him a lap dance no one in the club will ever forget, sparks something thunderous inside me and I have to fight the urge to jerk her off him.
THAT has never happened to me before!

Fuck it all to hell! I want her fire to consume me! I want to be burned by her flame. I have NEVER lost my shit over a woman until now!

When Warrant Officer Aurei Moore discovers a stunning Las Vegas dancer named Seary, the enigmatic reserved business man is shocked by the depth of his physical response to the star of the premier gentlemen's club on the strip. He is determined to have her only to discover she is off limits. Being an alpha male who gets what he wants because he makes things happen, Aurei sets about executing a plan of action to secure a long-term exclusive relationship with the untouchable diva.

Seary, The Prologue, Playlist

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